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Ashtray Navigations - Axe Attack In 3D / Unfuck You

by Ashtray Navigations

£4.00 / Sold Out

TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. I just need to print more covers.

2 raw live slices from kitchen sink psychedelia heroes Ashtray Navigations. An integral part of the UK underground close for enough to 20 years and centred around Stoke-On-Trent/Yorkshire’s Phil Todd with a revolving cast of collaborators. Both sides are awash with Todd’s trademark trebly guitar freak outs with booming drum pad and warbling synth accompaniment from regular collaborator Mel O Dubshlaine. The first side, Axe Attack in 3D is a traditional duo set recorded in Glasgow back in November 2012. The second side, Unfuck You also features additional input from Daria Ramone of Leeds No Wave stalwarts Etai Keshiki on extra guitar mangle and Pete Cann on metal junk and noisetronics, recorded in Leeds on September 2012.